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Developmental Preschool


Our Mission

Willowcrest is a progressive center for the early education of neurodivergent children.

Our holistic teaching program nurtures each child and fosters agency.

Willowcrest outdoor area with colorful balls, steps, and play equipment.

Why Willowcrest

At Willowcrest we choose an individualized and holistic academic approach to special education. Our program offers one-on-one speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy in addition to a full-day, language-based curriculum that prioritizes human relationships and their significance in child development. Class sizes are small in order to maximize social communication, emotional regulation, and cognitive development. Student-teacher ratios range between 1:1 and 3:1, depending on activity and the child’s individual needs. Classes are conducted by a cohesive team of specialists including:


• Special Education Teacher

• Occupational Therapist 

• Behaviorist

• Speech-Language Pathologist

• Board-Certified Music Therapist

Purple Willowcrest character looking left with an open mouth.