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Our Story


Willowcrest School launched in September 2021 with two students and a lot of really great ideas and intentions. In its inception, many of the administrative staff mused about a paradigm shift in education; one towards a holistic modality that was equal parts demanding and kind, supporting the whole child. For us, that looked like a program that included Speech, Occupational, Behavioral and Music therapies led by a collaborative team of specialists governed by a unifying philosophy-the greatest good for the child. We grappled with differentiating learning styles and needs and created a curriculum that supports all learners. We held meaningful and uplifting parent teacher conferences. We created a supportive environment for our kids and each other to learn and spend time.


By the Spring of 2022 our school was at maximum enrollment and expansion had started, including a new therapeutic learning space, covered lunch area and expanded and improved outdoor play space. We added ZOOZ fitness, an adaptive fitness program designed to promote confidence, strength and flexibility. We launched CLINIC, our weekly meeting attended by our whole team of therapists, Teachers, Curriculum Specialist, Executive Director and families to promote communication, collaboration and consistency throughout the school and at home.


And yet no greater achievements have been made than those by the students themselves. Each one of them demonstrated tremendous strength, awareness, flexibility and perseverance, both measured and unmeasured. They had fun, made friends, and engaged with each other, their teachers, their therapists and their curriculum. They showed up, accepted challenges and grew. And perhaps most importantly, they proved that if we expect competency, it empowers each individual to be their very best. If we hold the space, they’ll step into it. 


At Willowcrest, we are committed to delivering holistic, kind and effective therapy delivered by a community of productive and collaborative teachers and therapists. And we know how difficult it is to find good help. Effective therapy. Kind and empathetic therapists. Discerning between philosophical approaches to intervention and then choosing a provider becomes a full time job. Being a parent can be difficult. Being a parent of a neurodivergent child is even more nuanced. Willowcrest appreciates those challenges, meets children and parents where they are, and offers support that help both children and their parents succeed.


Come see for yourself. Schedule a call with us below. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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